Purikura App

Punykura™ is the Purikura App

Looking for the purikura app? The app that will give ultra kawaii stamps and frames, lighten your skin, and add that cute Japanese flavor to your photos? If you have made purikura with Punykura purikura online, it is allot like that, Here it is:

Punykura Halloween

Check out Punykura Christmas to make your photos cheerful-cute with exclusive Christmas stamps and frames. Now with Animated GIF making!

And the original Punykura...

Punykura Halloween

Check out Punykura Halloween to make your photos frightningly cute with exclusive Halloween stamps and frames.

Punykura is like having a miniature Japanese purikura booth in the palm of your hands, ready to use anywhere and everywhere.

Punykura the purikura apps packed with amazing features to make you look kawaii, and awesome ^_^. Choose from many frames and cute stamps, most of them can have a custom color and many have cute animations and multiple variations. Scale, rotate, flip, color and customize the stamps to your liking. Write and draw on your purikura with the colorful customizable pen tool and even apply a skin-lightening effect!

Now that the purikura app is finally here, you can have purikura at the touch of your fingers at all times, with the most kawaii app ever, with Punykura!

Spread the word about Punykura, the purikura app!

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Purikura App

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