Purikura App instructions

How to use Punykura, the Purikura App.


Tap the stamp button to bring up the stamps menu. Tap a stamp to add it. You can also change the stamp color.


Tap the frame button to bring up the frames menu and select a frame and frame color for your photo.

Pen strokes

When you finish making a stroke it can be manipulated as a stamp.

Touch manipulation

Once stamps are placed you can manipulate their placement directly with intuitive touch controls.

Select stampTap the stamp.
Bring stamp to topTap the selected stamp again to bring it to the top over other stamps.
Move stampTap and drag the selected stamp.
Scale / shrink / enlarge stampTwo-finger pinch.
Rotate stampTwo-finger twist.
Recolor & styleTap and hold to bring up a menu where you can change the stamp's color and variations, if applicable.
FlipSwipe over the stamp, starting from outside the stamp, to the other side of the stamp.

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